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The Back-Roller Free is based on the ever-popular Back-Roller Classic, which has proven itself millions of times. The Free line does not use PVC, but does not compromise on performance either. Through the use of robust polyester fabric, the waterproof rear pannier becomes a long-lasting companion while maintaining the same timeless tarpaulin look. And thanks to the hermetic roll-top closure, food and gear travels safely and protected from the elements.New also is the option of a rear pannier featuring the Quick-Lock3 mounting system. The Back-Roller Free QL 3.1 is equipped with the practical, self-locking ORTLIEB Quick-Lock3.1 system, which allows the bag to be hooked on more conveniently and quickly than ever before. A quick swivel and the bag is attached and locked in no matter how bumpy the ride gets. The fastening hooks lock automatically when they are hooked in - and unlock automatically when the bag is lifted. The Quick-Lock3.1 assembly set is equipped with three attachment points and can be attached to any standard luggage rack. The height and inclination can be adjusted individually. The locking elements on the back of the bag are flat and ideal for everyday use.A fixed inner pocket, consisting of a main compartment and a mesh pocket with a zipper, ensures order and overview. Matching accessories such as the Commuter Insert or Packing Cubes further expand the functionality of the Back-Roller Free. With the shoulder strap, the Back-Roller Free can be carried comfortably as a shoulder bag. The waterproof bike bag is PVC-free and sustainably made in Germany.Further features:reflectors on both sides of the bagcorner edge protection


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